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   Zapraszamy do współpracy polonijne biznesy. Bez Waszego wsparcia Rewia Talentów nie może istnieć. Proponujemy kilka opcji sponsoringu w różnych przedziałach finansowych w zależności od  możliwości budżetowych.

Polish Talent 2012, produced by B&L Production, Inc. and Radio Chicago WPNA 1490 AM, will be third exhibition of talents and skills of Polish Americans from the Chicago land area; a demographic consisting of over two million people.  The aim of the event will be to discover Polonia’s talents, showcase them to a wide audience, and reward the outstanding.

The auditions have been ongoing since July and will continue into December 2011. So far, almost 150 candidates have been considered.  Most contestants come from musical and dance disciplines, but others have displayed talents related to sports, acting, martial arts, contortion, impressions, acrobatics, magic and more. 

The finalists from all categories will perform before a live audience on January 15 2012 at the Stahl Family Theatre on Belmont Ave in Chicago.  The event is expected to generate an audience and rich list of performers.  

Radio Chicago will be seeking sponsorship from its longtime supporters, friends and businesses. A major advertising campaign will run in unison with the run up to, and the competition itself. 

We hope that Your Company will partake in this Polish event that will capitalize on the interest surrounding talent exposition; a trend that has captivated America since American Idol and America’s  Got Talent.  

As one of the major sponsor of this event, benefits will include daily promotion of the event bearing Your  Company name on Radio Chicago 1490 AM; weekly articles in Dziennik Zwiazkowy; all articles, commercials and press releases; 2500 posters; 5000 flyers; gifts for all contestants; banners at the event; and programs distributed to the audience and contestants.

We are counting on Your Company to take the initiative on taking its relationship with the Polish community and Radio Chicago to the next level.  This will be a great and unprecedented event. We would love for this event to bear your company name.

 We thank you for your time and consideration.  Please feel free to voice your comments, concerns and questions.  If this is not the right time for official sponsorship, we would of course welcome You  in a more minor role of regular sponsor as well.









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